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Do you Dare to turn your dreams into reality?

This unique, powerful method for vision board creation that connects science, sprinkles of magic, and the universal laws.

In this FREE course we will address:

  • Why most vision board tutorials will NOT give you the results you want
  • How to start transforming your deepest desires, and start weaving them into reality
  • The 7 ways that we block our own magic

Are you curious to experience what it would look like when the obstacles are gone? You will learn an accessible form of co-creating with Source.

Come join me on a 6 days Visionboard Quest.

Six days of Amazing Live Webinars will start on

June 21, 2021
8:08pm Central European Time

WyrdFibres is part of the Wonderful World Of Wyrd

Wyrd; Fate/ Destiny/
To Become your Worth

As an artist that creates spiritual fibre-art, I saw how my creations helped people connect. Creating connections via my art and coaching is what I love to do.

Taught by Linda aka.
The WyrdWeaver

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